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日本キリスト聖公会を通じての義援金は、海外からの義援金28万3853円(4件)、国内の聖職・信徒からの義援金11万6147円、合わせて日本円で40万円(≒US$ 5000)になりました。4月15日、5月16日および5月19日の3回に分けて、日本赤十字社に送金いたしました。日本赤十字社は、市町村を通じて被災者の口座に義援金を振り込むことになっております。

死者 15057名、行方不明者 9121名
全壊家屋 90046棟 半壊家屋 36100棟となっています。
現在、家屋を失い避難している人が 11万5410名を数えます。



5月12日(木)現在:218万7,290件 1,840億2,630万4,772円

会計担当 アブラハム 田中信彦

A Message of Thanks for Contributions after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

Please accept our gratitude for the contributions that you have sent us for the disaster relief effort.

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake was among the worst seismic disasters in world history. The magnitude was 8.8 on the Richter scale, and the tallest of the resultant tidal waves was 39 meters high (128 ft.). The Traditional Anglican Church in Japan (Nippon Kirisuto Seikokai) is fortunate that, since all of our members live in Tokyo or further south and west, none of us became a victim of the disaster. We are heartened by the prayers of people around the world. We would also like to thank all of you who have sent contributions by other means.

The contributions sent to the Nippon Kirisuto Seikokai are as follows-- four contributions from overseas totaling 283,853 yen, and 116,147 yen in domestic contributions from our own clergy and people. Together, they come to 400,000 yen (approx. US$5,000). I sent the monies to the Japan Red Cross on these three days: April 15, May 16 and May 19. The Japan Red Cross will transfer those contributions to the accounts of the victims via their municipal governments.

Current disaster data, as of May 15, 2011 (announced by police) Dead: 15,057 Missing: 9,121 Houses destroyed: 90,046 Partially destroyed: 36,100 Refugees currently homeless: 115,410 This is the worst disaster in Japan since the Second World War.

We regret the concern caused to everyone around the world by the No. 1 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, which lost electrical power after the tsunami. Current conditions are such that the people engaged in agriculture, dairy farming and fishing will not even be able to work for the next few years in the places where they used to live, due to the radiation pollution caused to the ocean, land and crops.

Regarding our own clergy and people, Suffragan Bishop Kajiwara lives 230 kilometers (143 miles) away, so he is not subject to direct irradiation. Narita International Airport 193 kilometers (119 miles) away. There is no particular problem there, either.

For your reference, here is a current report of contributions made to the Japan Red Cross as of Thursday, May 12:

2,187,290 contributions made, for a total of 184,026,304,772 yen.
A simple calculation puts that at 1,500,000 yen per refugee.

The Fifth Sunday in Easter
Nippon Kirisuto Seikokai
Abraham N. Tanaka, Treasurer
(Translated by Fr. Lawrence B. Wheeler)

Copyright 2011 The Nippon Kirisuto Sei Ko Kai. All rights reserved.